Why Choose Solid Timber Flooring

Solid timber is thicker than engineered and, as such, can be sanded and treated many more times than an engineered timber floor. Solid timber is made only of timber utilizing a tongue and groove method. The boards come Raw and are sanded and polished after they are installed. They can be sanded and polished numerous times depending on the thickness.

Solid timber flooring is good

Much like the planks originally used for structural purposes, solid timber flooring is good, old fashioned hardwood planks – just like the ones Grandpa used to have!

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This form of timber flooring is constructed from solid lengths of timber which have been milled and dressed from one piece of timber – they are cut, sanded and given a smooth finished side. They are raw and unsealed lengths of timber, and have natural differences in colour, depth and grain, which is part of their inherent beauty.

You can find, and buy, thousands of designs of laminate flooring online. Here’s why you shouldn’t; all you can see of the design and the quality is a thumbnail photo. And that’s not good enough. We can’t stress this strongly enough – only buy your laminate flooring once you’ve seen it in the room you plan to install it. The lighting in that room, as well as the colour of the walls and the natural light will all affect the look of the laminate once it’s installed