Bamboo Flooring

Why Choose Bamboo Flooring

As the name suggests, bamboo flooring is made from… bamboo. It has emerged as a popular alternative to hardwood flooring – praised for being strong, durable, and naturally resistant to insects and moisture. It’s also largely considered to be an eco-friendly choice.

Strong and robust

If you need a floor that will stand up to the demands of a busy household, bamboo is a winner. Because it is so tough and resilient, it’s a particularly wise choice for people loving the Nature and the Beauty of It.

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While there is much choice when it comes to your options for bamboo flooring, one of the most important choices you will make is what colour bamboo floor you will have.  Your choice will be directly influenced by the specific environment that your room is under. Taking sunlight and space into account will have a major impact on your decision. One top tip for choosing a colour for you new bamboo floor in Melbourne is to take as many free samples as you can so will be able to see accurately what your new floor will look like in your chosen room.

There are two main categories of bamboo floor colours. Natural and stained. Natural bamboo is either only lightly treated so it has a completely natural colour, or heat is applied to it to make the natural sugars within the bamboo carbonise. This carbonisation process turns the bamboo a darker shade. The three shades that natural bamboo can have are natural, champagne and coffee. Natural bamboo has had as little treatment as possible. It maintains its naturally yellow colour tone. This is the most common bamboo floor colour in Melbourne. Next, you have champagne coloured bamboo, this has had a slight carbonation process carried out on it. Champagne is halfway between natural and coffee regarding shading. Finally Coffee is the darkest colour of the three, it has undergone a longer carbonisation process, and most of the sugar has caramelised.